What We’re All About (our mission!)

We’re not just your run-of-the-mill Spanish teachers; we’re a community of language enthusiasts and learners, just like you.

We get it – there’s this big disconnect between the Spanish learned from textbooks, apps, and sometimes even podcasts, and the real, everyday Spanish you hear on the streets! Our mission is to bridge that gap in the most efficient way possible, so you’ll be chatting with the locals like a champ in next to no time.

We believe that Spanish teaching should be:

Efficient: We’re all about the latest and greatest learning techniques. Why? So that you can pick up Spanish at warp speed!

Relevant: Forget about the textbook Spanish that leaves you scratching your head when you hit the streets. We’re all about the real deal – the Spanish the locals actually speak.

Wild: We believe language and culture go hand in hand. We throw in a hefty dose of culture with your language lessons. It’s not just more fun; it’s like turbo-charging your brain, connecting words and phrases to the rich tapestry of history and culture. Cool, right?

Let’s dive into Spanish together – the wildly efficient way! 🚀🇲🇽

Meet Your New Fave Spanish Teachers!!

Rupert is the author of the majority of the articles on this website.

He’s been living in Mexico for nearly 10 years and has worked as a foreign language teacher for even longer (over a decade now, wow!). He’s certified by the University of Cambridge, has worked at a number of prestigious private international schools in Mexico City, and has taught students from across the globe! He specializes in simple (yet effective!) explanations and all things language acquisition.

He’s currently working on a book about colloquial Mexican Spanish AND an academic project about regional variations in (yep, you guessed it!) Mexican Spanish.

Rupert’s wife, Erika, is a proud, larger-than-life Mexican who’s always had a passion for both language and culture. You’ll often find her with her nose in Spanish literature, from Gabriel García Márquez to Isabel Allende. She’s also the editor-in-chief of this blog (so watch where you put that comma!).

Make sure to check out our YouTube if you wanna see us in action (and obviously learn A LOT of Spanish too!).

Our team of language-loving writers


Carlos is a Spanish and English teacher. He studied Language and Literature and has a diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from the prestigious National Autonomous University of Mexico. He also has a Cambridge CELTA.

He’s been teaching Spanish for over 6 years (including a spell at UNAM) and is currently working on his own Spanish coursebook.

He also speaks French, but not very well!


Fatima is a Mexican writer with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations. She’s the author of two published novels in Spanish and an illustrated poetry book (mainly in poetic prose, also in Spanish).

Her novels, both within the genre of suspense, often revolve around the beauty of Latin American countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica. Her latest novel, Fractales en la Arena (‘Fractals in the Sand’) touches upon the quirks of the Spanish language and gastronomic variations across Hispanic countries and how these enrich the Latin American cultural bond.

Her passion for languages has led her to be actively involved in the project ‘Meet N’ Talk’, where she and her boyfriend hold events for people who want to practice languages in a casual and friendly environment in Mexico City. She also teaches storytelling and writing at her literary project La Pluma del Fénix (‘The Phoenix’s Feather’).

She speaks English and Portuguese and is currently learning French as a fourth language. She’s absolutely fascinated by history, Latin etymology, and ancient languages.

You can check out more about her career and projects at: www.fatimagalbos.com and www.laplumadelfenix.com.

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