Does ‘esta’ have an accent?

Quick answer – there are 3 different forms (well, actually, 2) of the word ‘esta’. ‘Esta’ without an accent means ‘this’ or ‘this one’ when referring to a feminine noun, …

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‘Cualquier’ vs ‘Cualquiera’

Having problems with ‘cualquier’ and ‘cualquiera’? Yes, they look and sound pretty similar, but don’t get your knickers in a twist just yet … We use both ‘cualquier’ and ‘cualquiera’ …

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‘On’ in Spanish

Picture of a book on a table

Prepositions can be a real problem for learners of Spanish as they can be VERY hard to commit to memory. Verbs, nouns, and adjectives relate to a somewhat tangible or …

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‘De’ vs ‘del’

‘De’ is a preposition that we use in a variety of different contexts, it can *sometimes* be translated to ‘from’ in English. For example – Juan es de Monterrey. = …

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‘Lo’ vs ‘le’ vs ‘la’

Quick answer – ‘Le’ is an indirect object pronoun, we use it to show who benefits from an action or to whom it is directed. ‘Lo’ and ‘la’ are direct …

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‘Fuchi’ – Meaning / In English

In short– ‘Fuchi’ is a word we use to express mild disgust or disapproval. It’s somewhat mild in tone, so is probably best avoided if you really find something disgusting …

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