Rupert Crookenden: Your New Fave Spanish Teacher!!

With over a decade of experience teaching foreign languages, Rupert’s become a recognized expert in his field. He specializes in language acquisition and has developed a number of innovative methods that help students better assimilate language according to their learning style.

Rupert’s helped THOUSANDS of learners of all ages and skill levels improve (and master!) both Spanish and English. His students have come from as far afield as China and Japan and from all walks of life (he even once taught a brain surgeon!).

He's been living in Mexico City for the better part of a decade, so he’s a bone-fide expert in Mexican Spanish. His passion is demystifying/learning about colloquial Mexican Spanish and slang.

Right now, he’s got two big projects going on: a book on Mexican slang and some academic work mapping out the phonological, morphological, and lexical differences across different regions of Mexico.

Here's the lowdown on Rupert's career –

  • Over a decade of teaching experience and a recognized expert in the field.
  • Taught at top language schools in Mexico City, including a number of private international schools.
  • Clocked well over 10,000 hours of language teaching.
  • 100s of interactive resources (for both Spanish and English!) created.
  • Over 250,000 words published on Spanish grammar and vocab!
  • Currently leading a project on regional variations of colloquial Mexican Spanish (stay tuned!)

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to send him an email at

Or connect with him via LinkedIn for job opportunities/collabs –

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