Editorial Policy

Our Mission

Learning Spanish can be quite the challenge, but we’re here to make it fun and easy.

Erika, Rupert, and the rest of our team of experts aim to teach the Spanish that’s actually spoken by locals in a fun and accessible way!

Not only that, but we’re also committed to updating our content regularly in order to keep it fresh and in line with the latest Spanish trends!

Our Sourcing Policy

ALL our content is based on research from the most reliable sources (think the RAE, the Academia Mexicana de la Lengua, official government data, and real-life experts who genuinely know their stuff!).

You’ll never catch us slipping up – we double-check all facts/data for accuracy and fairness.

Our Team of Language Teachers/Experts

Our team of language experts doesn’t mess around.

Before anything hits the screen, all content undergoes rigorous checks and editing.

Then, our expert reviewers – a bunch of language wizards, Spanish pros, and experts – check everything AGAIN to make sure it’s right on the money.

We also give credit where credit’s due. You’ll find our content’s original authors and reviewers listed right in the byline.

Your Two Cents

We’re all about making your Spanish journey a breeze.

Got questions, ideas, or any ways that we can make our website/resources even better?

If so, hit Rupert up on his personal email: rupert@spanishunraveled.com

And if you wanna team up with us on cool Spanish projects, well, we’re game for that too.

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