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‘Los’ vs ‘las’

In short – ‘Las’ and ‘los’ are definite articles used to refer to plural nouns. ‘Las’ is used exclusively with feminine plural nouns and ‘los’ is used with masculine plural …

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‘Había’ vs ‘hubo’

I arrived late to a friend’s party over the weekend. He asked me what had happened, and I spurted out a hasty “Había un problema” (“There was a problem”). He …

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‘Bonito’ vs ‘bonita’

In short – ‘bonito’ and ‘bonita’ are both adjectives that mean ‘pretty’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘cute’ in English. The former is used to modify masculine nouns, while the latter modifies feminine …

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‘Era’ vs ‘estaba’

A Mexican friend once told me about a hike he’d been on in Oaxaca. He said that a river he’d crossed “estaba bien profundo.” – “was very deep.”. Being a …

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