‘Híjole’ – Meaning / In English

In short – ‘Híjole’ is an extremely common Mexican interjection similar to ‘jeez’ or ‘darn’. It’s truly an integral part of everyday speech, so you’ll definitely hear it at some …

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‘Aguas’ – Meaning / In English

In short – ‘¡aguas!’ is an interjection commonly heard in both Mexico and Guatemala meaning ‘watch out’ or ‘be careful’. As is often the case with Mexican slang, ‘¡aguas!’ has …

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‘Qué poca’ – Meaning / In English

Quick answer – ‘qué poca’ is a well-known Mexican slang expression. Depending on context, it can mean ‘what the heck’, ‘I cannot believe your nerve’, and ‘shame on you’. ‘Qué …

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