‘Eso’: Must-Know Mexican Slang!

In its “standard” form, ‘eso‘ is a neuter demonstrative pronoun and generally translates to ‘that’ or ‘that one’. However, it’s also a super common interjection in Mexican Spanish, so it’s …

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‘Qué gacho’ – Meaning / In English

In short – ‘qué gacho’ is a common Mexican interjection mostly used when describing something ‘unpleasant’, ‘ugly’ or ‘bad’. ‘Gacho’ is actually the Spanish word for ‘bent down’ (especially when …

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‘Equis’ Meaning in Mexican Slang

In short – ‘equis’ is the letter ‘x’ in Spanish, but in Mexican slang it has an assortment of other meanings, such as ‘whatever’, ‘dull’ or ‘random’. If you hang …

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