‘Pedo’ in Mexican Slang: Everything You Need to Know

‘Pedo’ is a Spanish word derived from the Latin ‘peditum’ which – in simple terms (I mean, why beat around the bush?) – means ‘fart’.

But if you visit Mexico, you’re gonna come across an IMMENSE number of expressions with the word pedo and, well, you’ll probably start to wonder why on earth Mexicans are so obsessed with flatulence …

Mexican slang is playful and constantly evolving, and this word in particular has a variety of connotations, which often rely on intonation and context.

With that in mind, I proudly present this ultimate guide to all the expressions with ‘pedo’ in Mexican slang!

Let’s get right to it!


Here are some of the most popular expressions with ‘pedo’ in Mexican slang –

  • ¿Qué pedo? = What’s up?
  • tirarse un pedo = to fart
  • estar pedo = to be drunk
  • tener pedos = to have issues
  • hacerla de pedo = to make a fuss

To talk about flatulence

1 Tirarse / echarse un pedo – To fart

The most straightforward expression with the word ‘pedo’ is definitely ‘tirarse’ or ‘echarse un pedo’, which literally translates as ‘to throw a fart’ in English, but actually just means ‘to fart’ (isn’t the Spanish language beautiful?).

Un wey se tiró un pedo en el elevador y casi morimos ahogados.

Some dude farted in the elevator and we nearly suffocated.

2 Pedorrear / Pedorrearse – To fart

Yep, this is one strange-looking word … but it’s actually just ‘pedo’ in verb form!

Siempre que mi perro se pedorrea hace una cara muy chistosa que lo delata.

Whenever my dog farts he makes a very funny face that gives him away.

No hay nada más grosero que pedorrearse en público.

There’s nothing ruder than farting in public.

As a greeting

3 Qué pedo – What’s up

‘Qué pedo’ is one of the most common greetings in Mexican slang, especially amongst young people!

Dos estudiantes en el pasillo de la universidad

Felipe – ¡Qué pedo, Mari! ¿Sí nos vemos en la fiesta de Lalo?

María – ¡Qué onda*! Sin falta; ahí nos vemos.

Two students in the corridor at university

Felipe – What’s up, Mari! Will I see you at Lalo’s party?

Maria – What’s up*! Of course, see you there.

*Erika’s top tip – ‘qué onda’ is another popular way of saying ‘what’s up’ in Mexico, and a more polite alternative to ‘qué pedo’. There’s also the common euphemism ‘qué pex’.

‘Qué pedo’ can also be used as a synonym of ‘what’s the matter’ or ‘what happened’

Jaime – ¿Qué pedo con tu cara, carnal? ¿Estás bien?

Camilo – El gato de mi hermana me arañó.

Jaime – What happened to your face, bro? Are you okay?

Camilo – My sister’s cat scratched me.

To describe a problem / issue

4 Un pedo – A difficult situation

A ‘pedo’ can also refer to a “problem” and it can range from something really quite minor / innocuous to a HUGE ordeal –

Me salió un pedo en el trabajo y voy a llegar tarde al cine.

Something came up at work and I’m gonna be late for the movies.

Es un pedo llegar puntual a cualquier lugar con el tráfico de la Ciudad de México.

It’s almost impossible to get anywhere on time with the traffic in Mexico City.

5 No hay pedo – There’s no problem

Following the same logic, if you say ‘no hay pedo’ (literally, ‘there’s no fart’), then you’ll be putting your Mexican pal’s mind at ease because it means ‘there’s no problem’!

En mensajes de texto

Fabiola – Mi mamá me mandó a comprar unas cosas, ¿hay problema de que llegue tarde a tu casa?

Emilio – No hay pedo. A la hora que puedas está bien.

In text messages

Fabiola – My mom sent me out to buy some things … am I ok to get to your house a little later?

Emilio – No problem. Get here whenever.

6 Sin pedos – No problem

Similarly, ‘sin pedos’ means ‘no problem’

Óscar – ¿Podrías pasar por mí para ir al concierto?

Romina – Sí, sin pedos. Tu casa está de camino.

Óscar – Could you pick me up before the concert?

Romina – Yeah, no problem. Your house is on the way.

7 Metido en pedos – To be in hot water

This popular phrase is akin to being ‘in hot water’ in English, especially when referring to legal or financial issues –

Tu hermano anda muy raro. ¿Andará metido en pedos?

Your brother is acting weird. Is he in some sort of trouble?

Anaís está metida en unos pedos económicos fuertes y no va a poder viajar con nosotras.

Anaís has some big financial problems, and she can’t come with us.

8 Tener pedos – To have issues / To have (mental health) issues

The phrase ‘tener pedos’ or ‘to have farts’ is a bit more complex. It usually means ‘to have problems’, but it can also refer to ‘having mental health issues’.

It’s often followed by a description of a specific issue, such as a physical illness, etc.

Bernardo – Dice mi hermana que le diagnosticaron dismorfia.

Regina – Eso es grave; yo tuve los mismos pedos que ella cuando iba en la secundaria.

Bernardo – My sister told me that she was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder.

Regina – That’s serious; I had the same problem when I was in high school.

‘Tener pedos’ is also a euphemism of ‘crazy’. However, in this sense it’s best used when amongst very close friends –

Vale – ¿Cuál era tu crush de infancia?

Ale – Drácula.

Vale – ¿Drácula, en serio?

Ale – Tengo pedos, ya sé.

Vale – Who was your childhood crush?

Ale – Dracula.

Vale – Dracula, really?

Ale – I’m nuts, I know.

9 Unos pedillos – Some trouble

‘Pedillo’ is the diminutive form of ‘pedo’ and you’re gonna hear it a lot if you spend time in Mexico!

On WhatsApp I’ve known chilangos (i.e., people from Mexico City) to answer questions like ‘qué tal’ or ‘cómo estás’ with a meme of a sad looking puppy saying ‘unos pedillos’ when they want to hint at the fact that things aren’t all gravy butdon’t really wanna get into the details.

Manu – ¿Todo bien con tu novia? Casi no se hablaron en la fiesta.

Joaco – Sí…tenemos unos pedillos nomás. Después te cuento.

Manu – Is everything alright with you and your girlfriend? You hardly spoke to each other at the party.

Joaco – Yeah … we’re just having a few issues. Let’s talk about it later.

10 Es mi pedo – It’s my own business

If you don’t like talking about your issues or you just don’t want people meddling in your affairs, then feel free to say ‘es mi pedo’ (literally, ‘it’s my fart’)!

Ana Paula – Te llamaron del banco diciendo que les debes. ¿Necesitas que te preste dinero?

Edith – No te preocupes. Es mi pedo y yo tengo que resolverlo.

Ana Paula – The bank called saying that you owe them money. Do you need a loan?

Edith – Don’t worry. It’s my problem and I need to sort it out myself.

Adolescente – Ya me gasté mi domingo y no tengo para comprarme otro videojuego.

Padre – Si no sabes administrar tu domingo, ese es tu pedo.

Teenager – I spent all of my allowance and don’t have enough money to buy another video game.

Father – If you can’t manage your allowance, that’s your problem.

11 No es mi pedo – It’s none of my business

On the contrary, if you deem the issue at hand to be none of your concern, then you can say ‘no es mi pedo’!

En una oficina

Víctor – Otra vez no sirve el programa, ¿puedes arreglarlo?

Quique – No, no es mi pedo. Llámale a los de Sistemas.

At an office

Víctor – The program isn’t working again; can you fix it?

Quique – No, that’s not my area. Call IT.

12 ¿Para qué tanto pedo? – What’s the fuss about?

When someone asks ‘why is there so much fart’, they actually mean ‘what’s the fuss about’ and it’s the ideal expression for when people are making a big deal out of something that’s not actually that big of a deal!

En un chequeo medico

Beatriz – ¿A ver, realmente te dolió que te tomaran sangre?

Javier – Pues no…

Beatriz – Entonces, ¿para qué tanto pedo?

At a medical checkup

Beatriz – Did it actually hurt when they took your blood?

Xavier – Not really …

Beatriz – So what was all that fuss about?

13 ¿Cuál es tu pedo? – What’s your problem?

Depending on intonation, this question could be a genuine inquiry as to someone’s wellbeing or an outright affront!

Karen – ¿Cuál es tu pedo con Marcos?

Gabo – ¿De qué hablas?

Karen – Llevas toda la noche antagonizándolo.

Karen – What’s your problem with Marcos?

Gabo – What are you talking about?

Karen – You’ve been pestering him all night.

14 Ni pedo – Oh, well

If the problem at hand is way too overwhelming and the only possible course of action is acceptance or resignation, then you can just say ‘ni pedo’, which is akin to saying ‘oh, well’.

Reprobé el examen. Ni pedo, voy a tener que repetirlo.

I failed the exam. Oh, well, I’ll have to take it again.

Erika’s note – wanna convey the same feeling but using a more formal alternative? Then just whip out a casual ‘ni modo’ … it’s definitely more work-appropriate!

To describe parties and drinking

15 Estar pedo / peda – To be drunk

Being drunk in Spanish is ‘estar borracho’, but in Mexico you’re gonna hear ‘estar pedo’ (or ‘peda’ for feminine) instead!

Martín – No puedo creer todas las cosas que dijiste en la fiesta.

Isa – ¿Qué cosas?

Martín – ¿No te acuerdas?

Isa – No, estaba bien peda.

Martín – I can’t believe all the things you said at the party.

Isa – What things?

Martin – Don’t you remember?

Isa – No, I was really drunk.

16 La peda – A party (where there’s alcohol)

Although ‘peda’ is used as an adjective to describe a drunk female, it can also mean ‘party’, but not just any celebration or party … ‘una peda’ is a get-together at which there’s heavy drinking involved!

¿Supiste que la fiesta de Navidad de la empresa terminó en peda?

Did you hear that the company Christmas party ended in an all-nighter?

¡Qué buena estuvo la peda!

That was an awesome party!

17 Empedarse / Ponerse pedo – To get drunk

The action of ‘getting drunk’ is to ‘empedarse’ or ‘ponerse pedo’ in Mexican slang.

Milton – ¿Dónde está Ramón?

Alexa – Creo que fue a empedarse con sus amigos del fut.

Milton – Where’s Ramón?

Alexa – I think he went to get drunk with his soccer friends.

Laura – ¿Quieres otra chela?

Max – No, gracias. Siento que ya me estoy poniendo pedo y no quiero tener cruda mañana.

Laura – Do you want another beer?

Max – No thanks. I’m starting to feel a bit tipsy, and I don’t want a hangover tomorrow.

18 Subir la peda – To get drunker

‘Subir’ translates as ‘to go up’ or ‘to increase’, so – as you can probably guess – this phrase means ‘to increase one’s drunkenness’, or in simpler (and slightly cruder!) terms, ‘to get wasted’.

Ándale, ya vámonos, que a tu hermano ya se le subió la peda.

Come on, let’s go, your brother is getting wasted.

19 Bajar la peda – To sober up

Everything that goes up must come down, so eventually people sober up and ‘se le bajan la peda’

Vamos por un café, a ver si así se te baja la peda.

Let’s go for a coffee; maybe it’ll help you sober up.

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Erika pointing to the word "Mexican Slang Master Guide"

To talk about a fight or conflict

20 Echar pedo – To get on someone’s case / To verbally attack someone

‘Echar pedo’ (or literally ‘to throw a fart’ in English) refers to ‘throwing a tantrum’, ‘getting on someone’s case’ and the likes.

Simple speaking, it describes someone who gets aggressive over something petty, often for no apparent reason –

Siempre que manejas te la pasas echándole pedo a todo mundo.

Whenever you’re driving you start yelling and honking at everyone.

Mi mamá me echa pedo siempre porque mi cuarto esté desordenado.

My mom is always on my case about my bedroom being messy.

21 Hacerla de pedo – To make a fuss / To complain

Similarly, we have ‘hacerla de pedo’ (literally ‘to make it from a fart’), which means something along the lines of ‘to make a fuss’, the insinuation often being that the person in question is being “petty”.

This phrase is A CLASSIC when it comes to gaslighting, avoiding responsibility or invalidating someone else’s – oftentimes justified – anger.

Mi novia me la hizo de pedo otra vez por llegar tarde.

My girlfriend got all mad at me for being late again.

Madre – ¿Por qué te suspendieron de la escuela?

Hija – Me la hicieron de pedo porque copié en una tarea.

Mother – Why did you get suspended from school?

Daughter – They made a big thing out of me cheating on an assignment.

22 Pedero – Hothead

That person infamous for having a bad temper and constantly getting into arguments with everyone, well he / she’s a ‘pedero’ in Mexican slang!

Si mi primo no deja de ser tan pedero, un día se va a meter en serios problemas.

If my cousin doesn’t stop being such a hothead, he’s going to get into serious trouble one day.

Esa mujer es bien pedera; cada semana se pelea con alguien diferente.

That woman is so quarrelsome; every week she gets in an argument with someone different.

23 Bájale a tu pedo – Calm down

If you wanna say ‘calm down’ to a ‘pedero’, then you’d say ‘bájale a tu pedo’ (or ‘lower your fart’!) –

Señor, bájele a su pedo, que nadie le está faltando al respeto.

Calm down, sir; nobody is disrespecting you.

Por qué no le bajas a tu pedo y hablamos como gente civilizada.

Why don’t you calm down and let’s talk like two civilized people.

24 Ponerse al pedo – To get defensive

If you know somebody who gets defensive very quickly whenever they’re confronted, well, ‘se ponen al pedo’ (i.e., ‘they get defensive’) in Mexican slang.

No se puede hablar de política con mi tía sin que se ponga al pedo.

You can’t talk about politics with my aunt without her getting defensive.

To describe food

25 Pedos de monja – A Mexican chocolate

In the state of Querétaro there’s a delicious traditional sweet called ‘pedos de monja’ (or ‘nun farts’!).

Although it’s thought that they were first made by an Italian, they’ve become part of Mexico’s gastronomic heritage.

I bet you never thought farts could be sweet and tasty …

Un extranjero pide recomendaciones de comida mexicana

Mexicano – Si vas a una dulcería, ¡tienes que probar los pedos de monja!

Extranjero – ¿Disculpa?

A foreigner asks for Mexican food recommendations

Mexican – If you visit a local candy shop, you’ve got to taste nun farts!

Foreigner – Excuse me?

To describe someone’s character / condition

26 Buen pedo – Cool

In Mexican slang, if someone is a ‘good fart’, it means they’re ‘nice’ or ‘cool’!

Cuando te conocí, me caíste mal*…pero ahora veo que eres súper buen pedo.

When I first met you, I didn’t really like you … but now I see that you’re super cool.

*Erika’s note – ‘caer mal’ literally translates as ‘to fall badly’ in English, but it’s actually a colloquial expression used to say that you don’t like someone.

27 Mal pedo – Mean

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have ‘mal pedo’ (‘bad fart’), which describes a mean or disagreeable person.

No seas mal pedo con tu hermana; está chiquita y te quiere mucho.

Don’t be mean to your sister; she’s young and she loves you very much.

28 Qué mal pedo – That’s awful

If you hear about a tough or unfortunate situation, you can use the expression ‘¡qué mal pedo!’, which is akin to saying ‘that’s awful!’.

¡Qué mal pedo que se mojara tu pasaporte!

It’s so awful that your passport got wet!

29 Al pedo – On point / In excellent shape

To be ‘on fart’ in Mexican slang is to be ‘on point’!

Mi entrenador nos trae al pedo. Siento que vamos a ganar la competencia.

My coach is training us very hard. I feel like we’re going to win the competition.

30 Es otro pedo – It’s the real deal

To say that something (or someone!) ‘is another fart’ or ‘es otro pedo’ in Mexican slang is like saying that it’s the real deal!

¡Ese portero es otro pedo en la cancha! Ha roto el récord del equipo en atajadas.

That goalkeeper is the real deal! He’s broken the team’s saves record.

31 Ya se despedorró – It’s broken

‘Despedorrearse’ is a made-up verb used to describe something that ‘breaks down’ or ‘stops working’

Ya se despedorreó mi celular; voy a tener que llevarlo a reparar.

My cell phone is broken; I’m gonna have to get it fixed.

32 Estar al puro pedo – To be awesome / To pay careful attention

‘Estar al puro pedo’ is similar to ‘estar al pedo’ but just takes it to the next level (of awesomeness!) –

Alejandra – ¿Cómo estuvo el concierto de anoche?

Berenice – ¡Al puro pedo! Fue de los mejores conciertos de mi vida.

Alejandra – How was the concert last night?

Berenice – It was amazing! It was one of the best concerts of my life.

You can also use it to say that someone should pay careful attention to a particular task OR their surroundings –

Cuando entremos al metro, hay que estar al puro pedo con tus cosas. Nunca sabes si hay algún vivaracho cerca.

When we get into the subway, you should take good care of your belongings. You never know if there’s a pickpocket around.

33 Agarrar el pedo – To wise up

Finally, we have the expression ‘agarrar el pedo’ which roughly translates to ‘wise up’ –

¡Agarra el pedo, te están queriendo estafar!

Wise up, they’re trying to rip you off!

Final thoughts

Wow, you’ve made it to the end! That was quite the list, huh?

Hopefully it’ll come in handy the next time you hang out with your Mexican pals!

Keep in mind that even though you might hear these expressions thrown around in the workplace and other similar situations, ‘pedo’ is still considered kinda vulgar, so do tread lightly.

Oh, and make sure to check out our article on ALL the different expressions with ‘mero next!

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