Beyond The Textbook: How to Say ‘Sounds Good’ in Spanish

There are LOADS of ways to say that you think something “sounds good” in Spanish!

The most “standard” phrase AND the literal translation is ‘SUENA BIEN’ … but if you want to sound like a local (and get yourself out of all agreement-related pickles!), you’re gonna need to learn a few other expressions too!

Trust me when I say that you’re gonna be VERY SURPRISED by some of the CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS used in countries like Mexico or Colombia.

Me suena bien / suena bien – sounds good to me / sounds good

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer! ‘Suena bien’ is the literal translation of ‘sounds good’, so you can be 100% confident that you’re using it correctly … breathes a sigh of relief!

Man saying "¡Suena bien!"

‘Me suena bien’ is the longer version, meaning ‘it sounds good to me’, and you’ll hear both variations in all sorts of different contexts/situations!

Gabriel – Oye, ¿vamos al cine después de comer?

Antonio – ¡Suena bien! Vamos.

Gabriel – Hey, wanna go to the movies after lunch?

Antonio – Sounds good! Let’s do it.

Rupert’s pro tip –suena bien‘ might be the literal translation of ‘sounds good‘, but in my experience, it’s often NOT the phrase that locals use (although obviously, this does depend on personal preference and location), and it’s also NOT as common as its English counterpart!

De acuerdo – agreed

De acuerdo‘ is sure to become one of your go-to phrases when expressing agreement!

We can liken it to the English word ‘agreed’, and even though it’s a shortened version of ‘estoy de acuerdo’ (meaning ‘I agree’), it’s no less formal … so you can use it in pretty much any situation!

Durante una junta de negocios

Pablo – Entonces, ¿coincidimos que la mejor vía de acción es una estrategia de posicionamiento para el próximo trimestre?

Mariana – Sí, de acuerdo.

During a business meeting

Paul – OK, so we agree that the best course of action for the following trimester is a brand positioning strategy?

Mariana – Yes, agreed.

Man in a business meeting saying "Sí. de acuerdo."

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Por supuesto – of course

Por supuesto’ is Spanish for ‘of course‘, so it’s a super useful phrase if you want to make clear that the answer to the question at hand is obvious.

Miriam – Mi entrega de diplomas es el próximo sábado, ¿crees poder ir?

Brenda – ¡Por supuesto que sí! Ahí estaré.

Miriam – My graduation ceremony is next Saturday; can you make it?

Brenda – Of course! I’ll be there.

Bueno, está bien – alright, sounds good

If you’ve given some thought to a proposal and you’ve already made up your mind, you can say ‘bueno, está bien’, which translates as ‘alright, it’s ok’.

Just be mindful of tone here as it’s also used when someone is reluctant to do something …

For example, you can say, ‘Bueno, está bien; puedo pasar a la panadería de regreso a casa’ (‘Alright, I’ll do it; I’ll go to the bakery on my way home’) in a sincere manner, OR passive-aggressively to let your interlocutor know that you’re not best pleased with the task at hand.

Annoyed woman saying "Bueno, está bien."

Está bueno, pues / ‘Ta bueno, pues – alright, then

An informal cousin of ‘bueno, está bien’, you’ll likely hear this one from the mouth of a person who isn’t quite convinced by something but has resigned themselves to do it anyway.  

For example, you could use ‘está bueno, pues’ to put an end to an argument in which you’ve been resolutely defeated –

Está bueno, pues. Voy a sacar la basura.

Alright, then. I’ll take out the trash.

Me parece bien – sounds good

Me parece bien’ literally translates to ‘it looks (sounds) good to me’ and can be used pretty much interchangeably with ‘suena bien’.

This one’s SUPER COMMON and it’s used in the same way as the English ‘sounds good’, so you can’t really go wrong!

Eric – Voy a salir una hora antes de la oficina. ¿Quieres ir por una pizza?

María – Sí. Me parece bien. 

Eric – I’m going to leave the office an hour early. Do you wanna go for a pizza?

María – Yeah. Sounds good to me.

Rupert’s top tip – I’d say that in Mexico ‘me parece bien‘ is THE MOST COMMON way of saying ‘sounds good‘ in Spanish, Erika and most of my friends use it all the time.

It can also be used in literally any situation, so it’s extremely versatile to boot!

Me parece genial / estupendo / fantástico – sounds great / stupendous / fantastic

If you feel REALLY enthusiastic about something, you might want to use an adjective other than ‘bien’ (‘good’), such as ‘genial’ (‘great’), ‘estupendo’ (‘stupendous’), or ‘fantástico’ (‘fantastic’).

Man saying "¡Me parece genial!"

Camila – ¡Qué calor hace! ¿Quieres ir por un helado?

Ana – ¡Me parece estupendo! Vámonos.

Camila – It’s so hot! Do you wanna go for an ice cream?

Ana – Sounds awesome! Let’s go.

A producto de gallina – of course

As promised, here’s a kinda baffling but VERY funny phrase used to emphatically express agreement in Mexico.

‘A producto de gallina’ – which translates as ‘to the hen’s product’ – may seem nonsensical, but it’s a popular phrase amongst Mexicans, especially when it comes to getting away with inappropriate slang in less casual environments such as offices, schools or even churches!

And what’s a hen’s product? Well, an egg, of course!

So, ‘a producto de gallina‘ is actually a euphemism for the more vulgar ‘A HUEVO’ (which means ‘of course‘), a phrase you’ll hear not only in Mexico but also in Honduras and El Salvador.

A "huevo" (egg) winking

Luis – Entonces, ¿qué? ¿Vamos a echar unos tequilas?

Marcos – ¡A producto de gallina!

Luis – So … shall we go for tequila shots?

Marcos – Of course!

¡Bacano! / Me parece bacano Amazing! / Sounds amazing

‘Bacano’ is a term used colloquially to say that someone or something is amazing.

It actually originated in Colombia but has recently gained popularity throughout Latin America, so don’t be surprised if you hear it throughout the region.

For example –

Me parece bacano. Ahí preparan el mejor tinto que he probado

Sounds amazing. They make the greatest coffee I’ve ever tasted.

Before you go …

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¡Hasta luego!

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